Roberta, July 2008




Roberta's 95th Birthday Celebration:

My cousin Sandra took most of these photos (THANKS!!!).  Click on the thumbnail to see a larger photo, then click on your browsers "back" button to return to this page.

Baby Photo

High School Graduation

Christmas 2002

Husband Donald

Roberta, Rod and Rev. Dave

Roberta, Rod and Rev. Dave

Reception area

Birthday Cake

Buffet Table

Buffet tables


Grandson Marcus

Church youth sing birthday greeting

Church youth sing birthday greeting

Ted, Barbara, Roberta, Dave, Rod


Marlene, Menno and Burt

Birthday Cakes

Richard, Sherry, Barb, great granddaughter Marina

Party goers

Great granddaughter Marina, Barb, Sherry, great granddaughter Helen


Theresa, Paulette

Punch and Coffee

Nephew Ken, Son Jim

Receiving guests

Sherry, Barb, Marina

Cousin Ethel, Roberta

Roberta, Cousin Eleanor

Roberta, nephew Clinton

Roberta, Linda

Son Terry, Roberta, son Tom


Sister Lucia, Maxine

Muriel, Son Joel, Allen, Cousin Milton

Rick, grandson Marcus, Bae

Katherine, Allen, cousin Barbara, Ted

Rev. Dave, Rod

Eric, granddaughter Laurne, Sheila

Donald, Linda
Blanche, grandson Philip

Florence, Beryl

Mary, niece Nancy, son Terry

Son Terry, niece Nancy, Mar

Joe, first cousin Jean

Erica, Joe, Carol, cousin Jean, son Tery


Lela, Tom

Nephew Jon, Jeannie

Niece Nancy, Marv, nephew Jon, Jeannie

Tri-color bouquet at Jim and Howard's grave

Tom and Terry at Jim and Howard's grave




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