Kate and Jamie, February 20, 2011




Friends and family gather for wedding celebration!

Timberline Excursion

On Saturday, Richard and I took some out of town guests up to the historic Timberline Lodge at Mt. Hood.  The ski lifts were closed because of strong winds which blew away clouds revealing a beautiful snowy mountain.


Bill, Janislee, Karen, Tom, and Kim


Bill, Janislee, Karen

Preparing for the wedding

After breakfast at the resort, we assembled the decorations for the wedding site.  Richard designed a back drop of birch trees.  Strings of small lights added sparkle.

Kim, Jim, Richard

The rehearsal dinner and trivia night

A rehearsal dinner was served Saturday afternoon and later that evening, a trivia contest was held in the Mallard Room.


Bette and Bobby

Susannah, Annabel, Hugh, Tommy, Janislee, Karen



The Wedding

A magical wedding took place at the Resort at the Mountains.  Flower girl Hadley was followed down the rose petal strewn aisle by attendants Tommy and Beth.  Richard escorted his daughter Kate.


Tommy and Beth

Richard and Kate

The reception/dinner

The celebration continued with a reception for the guests.  This was followed by dinner in the adjoining ballroom.


Richard, Judy, Tom 


Philip, Ben, Helen, Barbara

Jamie and Roberta

Richard and Collin

Bae, Marcus, Joel, Elaine

Dale, Beth Sherry

Barbara Sr. and Barbara Jr.

First dances

Joey Harrington with Ben and Andrew

Beth and Celia

Kate, Lauren, Beth, Kristin

Barbara, Celia and Philip

Jamie, Richard, Roberta, Kate


Hadley, Judy and Richard


Video:  The Processional

Video:  "I now pronounce you man and wife"



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