Tom in Oregon Feb/Mar 2011




Snow at Road's End and Other Adventures

With the threat of a blizzard, I ducked out of the Willamette Valley and made my way to the beach at Lincoln City.  I ran into snow at the summit but it wasn't sticking.  The next day, I woke up to snow on the ground!  And more snow the next morning!  (Click on photos to see larger size.)


New desktop work area

For some time we've had the idea to put a work space, next to the fireplace, for a computer, for example.  We came up with the idea of using a solid door.  We found one at the lumber store in Cutler City and had them cut the pieces to fit the niche.  There is a large "desk" with 3 shelves above.



Blowing Glass Floats

On Channel 2 morning news I heard about glass blowing in the Taft part of Lincoln City.  Elaine and I went and I signed up to make a glass float.  I choose the colors and, put on gloves and glasses and blew away.

My teacher was Kelly Howard and you can see her work and gallery at



  Setting out the colors

Firing up the blass blob in the "Glory Hole"

Mashing in the color granules


Twisting the glass into swirls

  Nearly done

  The end result, the next day.  The glass ball stays in the kiln for 10 hours.


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