Roberta's 98th Birthday Week




September 14, 2011:  Roberta turns 98!

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Mexican Cooking Lesson:  On Friday, Maria, a friend of our family, took us shopping for supplies to create a Mexican meal the next day.  Maria showed us how to make red rice, refried beans, seasoned beef, and chicken.  We also made guacamole, red and green salsa and a beautiful fruit plate.

Maria, Jim and Linda (preping avocados for the guacamole)

Niece Beth with daughter Celia

Grand-niece Celia

Niece Kristin, Roberta, niece Lauren and Tom (me)

Grand-niece Helen with prepared dishes ... just before eating

Sister Barbara, cousin Linda and brother Richard

Fruit plate:  Kiwi, cantaloupe, with honey and queso fresco

Terry, Tom and Marie ... stirring the seasoned rice

Tom and Marie ... great food

Bae preparing ingredients for the red salsa

Reception at Smyrna

Rev. Todd Lehman substituted for Rev Dave who was on the East Coast.

Richard, Roberta, Barbara, Tom, Jim, Terry and Joel ... at the reception for Roberta at Smyrna after Sunday Services.

Niece Barbara

Niece Lauren with her husband Eric and mother Sheila

Cousin Alan with wife Ellie

Cousin Jean with Roberta

Cousin Paulette, Roberta, Cousin Alan, Aunt Lucia and Cousin Mary Lee

Cousin Nancy and her husband Marv

Cousin Marv, Cousin Jon, his wife Jeannie and good friend Beryl

Nephew Philip and cousin Jennie


Later after the reception at Smyrna, 24 of us met for Lunch at Yun Wah Restaurant in Woodburn

Brother Richard and Roberta

Richard, Tom and Roberta

Niece Barbara and her son Andrew

Elaine and Joel

End of table:  Terry, Tom, Richard, Roberta and sister Barbara

Cousin Levonne and her husband Rick

End of table: Helen, Marina, Ben, Andrew, Barbara, Joel

Other end of table: Brother Jim, cousin Ron, cousin Levonne and Rick

Niece Kristin, brother Jim, Roberta and niece Lauren

Aunt Lucia and her son Robert

Niece Kristin and cousin Annette

Cousin Nancy and her husband Marv

On September 14 (Mother's actual birthday), Joel, Terry and I took her to the beach for the day.  We stopped by the beach house.  The big pine trees in front had been removed and this was the first time we got to see it.

Beach house without trees!

Roberta and brother Terry on the deck

Beach house

Ripe blackberries in Roberta's woods

The computer line-up at Joel's:  Terry, Tom, Bae and nephew Marcus

Bali flags return to mother pool area.

Bali flags.


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