January 2013 in Puerto Vallarta
On January 20th David, Renato and I flew down to Puerto Vallarta, arriving around 4:30PM.  We took a taxi to the condo that they had rented.  It is in the Zona Romantica, just up the hill from the old town and beach.


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Each morning, Renato would walk down to the bakery and get fresh, while rolls.  Then he would make breakfast for us.  One day he made "Spanish Tortillas" - a potato omelet that is popular in Spain.

David and I shared a room that often became the computer room.

Renato in our living room

We atched the consturction of a new building adjacent to our condo. 


On Tuesday we booked a "canopy tour" called Canopy El Eden.  It was a series of 12 zip lines over the Mismaloya River.  I'd done it before, but this was at a different place.  They may not have been quite as many lines, but they were much faster.  On 2 of the lines they told us to look for a place to start braking (like a rock outcropping).  On the fastest and maybe the longest line, they told us to brake from the very start!

When we signed a release, the smeared black and green stripes of paint under our eyes.  (Not quite sure why!?!?!)


Restaurant and swimming hole at Canopy  el Eden.  This area was also the location for the shooting of the movie "Predator" so there were lots of references to that movie and other movies.


This is the "sail boat" at the end of the new pier.  It is a very handsome feature at the beach.

At night, the sail boat is lit by lights which keep changing color.  Twice we at at tables in the sand near the pier.  (At Si Senor and the El Dorado)

One short cut to the beach was down a long series of rustic step. It was not fun to climb up them, but it put us very near our condo..


We met Glen and Andy (from Chicago)at the beach and later at the Cowboy Contest at the Los Amigos bar.

After David and Renato left on Saturday, I moved to the Blue Chairs Resort.  I'd stayed here before with Roger, Randy and Bob ... about 10 years ago.  I am on the 4th floor and look out to the ocean.

Looking the opposite direction towards the kitchen at Blue Chairs