Roberta's Centennial Birthday

September 14, 2013

Roberta awoke the morning of her 100th birthday in her home for the past 72 years directly across the road from where she was born on September 14, 1913 in the first home of her parents, Albert and Nellie Yoder Eyman, on their farm. She was serenaded in traditional Mexican style by a band from Salem hired by Reuben and Guillermo (William). The rousing songs included a spirited rendition of Happy Birthday.

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In the morning, Ruben and William arranged for a band of singers to wake her up with serenades.

You see a video of them at
this YouTube link:

The afternoon was spent at Smyrna UCC Friendship House, the site of a gala birthday party with over 200 guests from as far away as San Diego, Palm Springs, Seattle, Pheonix and Santa Fe. The occasion was also the inauguration of the newly renovated kitchen at the church. Roberta was joined by her sister, Lucia Schuebel, 98 and Anna Lou Case, 95 along with family and friends.

Elaine, Bae and Levonne were among those cutting and serving the cakes.

Yummy birthday cake!

Trudy, Roberta, Kathy

Aunt Lucia, Aunt Anna Lou, Richard, Kim, Roberta

Vincent, Roberta, Judy

|Aunt Lucia, Travis Aunt Anna Lou, Annette, Marvin, Anne, Roberta, David

Roberta and nephew Ron

The 3 sisters: Lucia, Anna Lou, Roberta

Anna Lou, Grandma Nellie, Roberta

Pictures from the past (1960s?): Anna Lou, Grandma Nellie, Roberta and Lucia


Roberta and William

Karen, Jon, Roberta, Jessica, Taylor, Robert

Josefina and Maria

Marcus and Bae looking at the photo gallery


Marcus and Bae

Helen, Marina, Ethel, Andrew and Ben

Anne, Travis, Annette, Marvin

Travis, Elaine, Marcus, Bae, Marvin and Anne

Lucia, Annette, Anna Lou

David, Kristin, Andy, Eric, Jim

Lauren, Eric


Gail, Binom, Mary Lou and Linda M.

Jon, Sarah and Dale

Larry, Claire and Ethel

Susie, Cleda, Bill

David, Paulette, Beryl

Sarah, Nancy

In the evening, family gathered at Arrowhead Golf Club for dinner.


Roberta and Barbara

Terry and Roberta

Beth, Richard and Kim

Kim, Celia, Barbara and Noel

Celia, Noel and Barbara

Tom, Roberta, Barbara

Tom, Terry, Roberta

Beth, Ben

Arvan, Bae, Marcus

Tom, Roberta, Barbara

Joel, Kate, Noel

Beth, Roberta, Kate

Marv, Nancy, Jim



The next day, Joel, Elaine, Roberta, Terry and Tom drove to the beach for a couple of days. We brought out a new sofa and love seat. We had to unwrap it and attach the legs. The garbage company came the next day and took the old sofas away.



Putting the legs on the new sofa


Terry, Tom Putting new table together.

Terry, Tom watching old sofas being taken away


"The garbage truck ate my sofa"

Putting the new sofas in place