John Francis Pastrone and Laura Elizabeth Sherwood

Below are photo of the December 22, 2014 wedding. John, the groom, is Joe's oldest great-nephew, son of Craig and Krista Pastrone.

Oxnard, California

Family members flew in from Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio. Many of us stayed at the Best Western, Mandalay Beach, in Oxnard. It is a beautiful hotel right on the beach.

John toasting the groom at dinner the first night. We ate family style at Milano’s Italian Restaurant at the Harbor Village in Ventura a short drive away.

L-R Susan, Amy, Sylvia, Jill, Caruso, Okeefe, Nick, Bonnie, Paul, me, Margie, Didi and John. On the boardwalk in front of our hotel.

Breakfast at the hotel: L-R: Cecelia, Michael, John (groom), Krista, John, me, Edmond, Craid, Hillaire, Phillip, Felicity.

Susan (Jill's first cousin) and her daughter on the ocean-facing deck of their suite. My room faced the elevators!

John, the groom and his parents Krista and Craig (Joe's youngest nephew.)

Jennifer and Mark Pastrone (Joe's eldest nephew)

Margie (Jill's first cousin) and me at breakfast.

View of sunset from our hotel.

John (the groom) and his grandmother Jill.

Jill, Nick and Margie (sibling first cousins of Jill's), Bonnnie (Nick's wife) and me.

Phillip and Michael out for a swim at the hotel.

Ojai, California

Old St. Thomas Aquanis Church, downtown Ojai. It is now a museum. Edward Drummond Libbey (the "father" of the glass industry in Toledo, Ohio) is a very important figure in Ojai. He promoted the mission revival style of architecture in many building that are still standing in Ojai.

Margie and I are at the Ojai Visitor's Center next to the museum.

Libbey Park across from the Arcades in Ojai

Tom and Margie in the Arcades in Ojai

Historic Post Office Tower building - still in use as a post office.


Santa Paula - Wedding - December 22, 2014

Paul's family: Caruso, Didi, Okeefe, Sylvia and Paul.

Mark and Jennifer.

Laura and John during the wedding ceremony.

Foreground: the backs of Craig, Krista, Jill and John at the wedding. Priest at the alter in the background.

Wedding party posing for the wedding photographer.

Wedding party.

Jill and Krista in purple with Krista's daughter Cecelia and Felicity

Waiting for the ceremony to start.

Father and bride first dance.

Laura and John cutting the cake

A classic Bently to take the newly-weds away from the reception.