Roger Lee Engle

August 2, 1943 - December 14, 2014

Here is a collection of memories and photos of my first cousin Roger.

Roger's memorial at Smyrna United Church of Christ outside of Canby took place Saturday January 31, 2015.  Click here to see a copy of the program.  The church was filled to overflowing with family and friends. 

Click here to read his obituary and longer biography.  Here is a piece (as a PDF) written by Laurel Rose, the Mulino correspondent for the Molalla Pioneer.

Photos of Roger

Joe, Roger, Terry, Roberta, Don and Teddy - early 1970's in SF.

Joe, Roger, Terry, Roberta, Don and Tom at Teddy Khoe's in the early 1970s in SF

Don, Philip, Roger, Marcus and Terry - 1970 at Upper Terrace, SF

Tom, Don, Philip and Roger - 1970 at Upper Terrace, SF

Tom Terry, Roger, Jay - Alpine Terrace, San Francisoc early 1970's

Roger, ? Don, Jo, Pam, Terry, Nancy - early 1970s, SF ... teachers with Roger in San Bruno.

Sue, Jo, Roger Nancy - Upper Terrace, SF, early 1970's

Roger and Sylvia  - Upper Terrace, SF, early 1970's

Don, Tom, Roberta, Philip and Marcus on the steps of Alpine Terrace, SF - where I lived with Roger.

Jim, Roger, Tom - Upper Terrace SF, 1972

Roger and Charlotte - Upper Terrace, SF - I moved down there later that year (1969)

Terry, Nancy and Roger (Lake Berryessa?) 1970

"Post Card" from 2002 Cruise to the Baltic with a group of friends. Trip began in London.

Tom and Roger in the pool in Oregon. Bali flags flying the background.

May, Ethel, Terry, Edna(?) Joel, Roger, Blanche and Richard - taken at the airport when Wyoming relatives visited!


Terry, Roger, Grandma Nell, Joe, Tom, Roberta, Tommy, Barbara and Lucia at Roger's place in Fremont in September 1978.