Tom's Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen remodel project has been in the works for two years.  Thanks to a very competent team, it is finally finished.

  • Architect - Steve Randel, San Francisco, CA
  • General Contractor - David Hayward, San Francisco, CA
  • Cabinets - KB Cabinets, Milbrae, CA
  • Plumber - Pacific Plumbing, San Leandro, CA
  • Countertop, back splash, flooring - All Natural Stone Burlingame - Flooring, counter tops, back spash
  • HVAC, Waterheater, venting - A.T. Weber Plumbing and Mech. Svs. Inc, Alameda CA
  • Electrical - Advanced Electricals, Inc: (510)548-0588
    Bonded, Insured, State Certified Lic. #878742
  • Painting - Arana Craftman Painters, San Leandro CA
  • Installation of flooring, countertop, back splash - Bay Works Tile & Stone, Hayward, CA
  • Appliances - Airport Home Appliance, Berkeley, CA
  • Photographer - Dennis Mayer, Burlingame, CA

For a description of the project and more photos, click on Daniels Kitchen Project on Houzz and for blog and commentary, click on Daniels Kitchen Project Blog

I found this old photo of the kitchen as it was in 1977 with Joe working at the sink.

Complete with a princess telephone and radar range!! Love the fabric valance over the window shades with the trim! Wallpaper is groovy too!- Steve R.

Thanks for sending this. It is really great! Also, I love his shirt - David H.

The current remodel of my kitchen is the 3rd. The first was early in 1978. Carl Anderson was the contractor. Next was in 1996 and it was designed by our architect John Kaufman who was also the general contractor. He raised the ceilings and added skylights, replaced the sliding glass door with a regular glass door.

I asked my architect Steve Randel to design a kitchen for me. This are some of the renderings that Steve drew up to give me an idea of what the new kitchen would look like. It was kind of startling to me. However, Steve also added design pictures of similar kitchens to an Idea Book in Finally I understood and liked the schemes!

Rendering of my new kitchen ... the color scheme was scary to me at first. The kitchen it was to replace was all white cabinets, light floors and dark granite countertops.

Looking towards the kitchen door (to the left in the distance).


Work began in the middle of December. The space was demolished while I was in Oregon before Christmas. Here are several photos showing what the space looked like when I got home. The plumber found incorrect plumbing and fixed it with the black pipes shown in the photo below.

Randy inspecting the work. The plumber is installing the tankless water heater in the pantry (back-right)

The can lights are being replace in the ceiling.


Plastic was put up to keep the dust out of the rest of the house. Zippers were added to pass through the plastic wall. The west wall was removed and a beam installed.

The window on the right side was removed and filled it so I'd have more counter and cabinet space. Partition for the laundry (and pantry) on the right were going in here.

The new walls are covered in sheet rock (Middle of January). At this point there is no hot water heater nor was there a furnace.


A little later in January, a cement surface was laid over the sub floor to create a perfectly level floor so this wood-like ceramic tile could be installed with a minimal grout line.

In the pantry, Elfa rack system was installed with shallow and deeper drawer baskets.

The pantry (Left: door closed, Right door open)


The electrician is working around the oven to install a mood light above the oven.

The architects rendering.

Here are some photos of the kitchen just before this current remodel ...