February 2019 Beach House Kitchen Remodel

A long time, distant dream became a reality in February 2019.  This is when work began on remodelling the kitchen at the beach house.

This e-mail went out the middle of January:

Dear Beach House Team:

The remodeling of the beach house will begin on Saturday February 9th.  We hope to be complete within 3 weeks.  I’ve included a preliminary calendar of high-level project tasks.  And I’ve attached a more detailed list of tasks, to keep track of everything that we think needs to get accomplished.

  • A tankless hot water heater has been ordered.  It will be installed in the bathroom closet, hopefully before we begin our work.
  • We’ve booked a Salem countertop business to  measure and later install quartz countertops when the cabinets are in place.
  • The IKEA cabinets will be delivered just before time to assemble and hang.

We need our plumbing and electrical experts available to quickly wire and plumb so we can get the walls covered up and painted.

Please let us know if and when you can help out.  Small RVs would be helpful.  We’ll provide nearby hotel rooms as needed.

Thanks!  … Tom

Tom enroute from Oakland To Portland

Coming into Portland ... snow everywhere


De-icing places as we taxiied to our gate

Rental car with a layer of snow which lasted for several days.


Day 1 of Remodel: Demo. What a mess!

Rental car loaded up with supplies for the project

Wall cabinets removed from old "buffet"

We took the buffet upper and lower cabinets down (screws).  Then removed the wall cabinet from the SE corner (nails!.  The place is kind of a mess.  The buffet cabinets are sitting in the middle of the room.  We moved that sofa to the West wall.


Near the “desk” area is a folding table that will be where we cook things on the induction burner.  The coffee makers are in the bathroom.

Thank you Crissy and Patrick for helping us get an early start out here!



Day 2 of Remodel: Demo is finished!

Today we spent the day removing the sink cabinet, old water heater and all of the paneling on the East and South walls.

We’re ready to start plumbing and electrical.

Tom removes the last panel board from the kitchen corner.

Walls exposed - ready for wiring and plumbing.

This is the new entry to the crawl space.  It is in the "chapel" bedroom, beside the chimney.

The work continues -

We continue to make progress on our beach house kitchen project.  Right now we are in the middle of sheet rock work.  The cabinets are scheduled to be delivered today (Wed.)

This is our temporary coffee and hot-pot bar. In fact we smell our vegetable and rice soup cooking right now.

A trap door was cut into the floor as an entrance to the dungeon. A horrible place to try to get any work done in. Jim F. is really good about going down there to move a cable or plug a drain line. We worked down there for 2 days to get the drain plumbing completed.

Tom and Barbara took 2 loads of cabinets, sink and light fixture down to the Re-Store place that Habitat for Humanity has in Lincoln City.

The slope of this condensation pipe caused a back-up which resulted in the heater turningoff.  On Monday Robbens Heating came out and corrected this section of pipe plus the pike under the house were corrected.

Snow in Lincoln City

Snow one day and ice on another day.

Sheet roock work has begun. Terry and Barbara are cutting the next piece.

This is were we are. The next sheet is ready to hang up.

More progress -

One team left (Jim F and Barbara) and another team member arrived (Richard). 

Barbara loaded up things to take back to the valley. The old HWH, old sink cabinet and fir paneling.

IKEA delivered the new kitchen in boxes.

Tom inspecting the many, many (148) IKEA boxes

Tom placing the last dry wall piece.

Joel doing a quick vaccuming between dust storms.

Richard arrived today (Thu) and began taping and mudding the sheet roock..

Richard brought "Buttercup" his little tear drop trailer.  Tonight he was able to plug it into the new RV power outlet.  You will have a choice between a new 110 volt or 220 volt outlet.  Each is on its own separate circuit.

The new kitchen has new circuits, GFCI outlets, more outlets, outlets with USB ports, etc.

TMI: Too Much Information


We’ve done a lot in less than 2 weeks.  All of the base cabinets and wall cabinets are in place and “locked”.  Most all of the doors and side panels have been attached.  All of the shelves have been dispersed to the appropriate cabinets.  The handles are at hand but have not been attached.

Today we replaced the little green chest with a new “TV” cabinet.  All of the wild tangle of cords and cables are easily seen through the clean glass doors.  They will be tamed with Velcro straps shortly.

After this picture was taken, Joel and Tom cut 2 holes behind the TV cabinet and behind the TV so all of the cables are hidden.    We used modified blue boxes to dress up the holes a little.  No plates.

The electrical boxes have been filled with outlets and switches except for a couple that will get done shortly.  The missing door to the 45 degree corner cabinet is on it’s way out here.  Under counter lights will be delivered today and tomorrow.  The dishwasher side panel needs to be secured to the floor and wall.  We also have matching trim/molding to attach to the top and bottom of the wall cabinets


We saw the “green flash” today when Tom was working on an non-energized wire that turned out to be energized!  No harm, luckily!

The quartz countertop people are coming Thursday to measure. 

The space feel larger in spite of the tools and mess on the dining table.


Return to the Willamete Valley-

Ben drove out Friday night so we can get an early-ish start to the day.

The little lamp shates were replaced with new ones

Ben and Tom went under the house to look where we will connect the new sinks and dishwasher.

We admired the beautiful drains

After the plumbing was complete, Joel, Tom and Ben
tackled the microwave over the stove

Wonkie "panorama" photo from a phone that calls itself "smart".

That elusive door for corner cabinet is finally installed!

Countertops going in. This is the "coffee bar" area. The over-mount sink will be undermounted (preferred) because the opening is slightly too small.

New garbage can purchased.

Hand washing dishes in newly connected plumbing.

Closeup of "coffee bar".

Undermounted kitchen sink.

The "Great Room".

More coffee bar.

Coffee bar sink.