August 2019 Beach House Work Project

A Beach House Work Party has been organized and scheduled to start the week starting August 4, 2019

The main object will be assembling an 8' by 8' shed on a cement pad.  We've wanted more storage ... so we wouldn't have to store things under the beds.

Sun Aug 4: Gathering material

Joel, Barbara, Linda, Jim and Richard met at Joel's to load a trailer with the material and tools needed for this project.  The shed that will be assembled is in two very large, heavy boxes.

Small items were loaded into Joel's van.


Barbara, Linda and Jim loading the heavy boxes onto Linda's trailer


Mon Aug 5: Worker meet at the beach house

The grassy lot filled up with the cars of the "workers"

Another project is to replace the full bed in the chapel bedroom with a bunk bed: twin over full.

Although the shipping box was badly damaged, all of the parts were there so assembly could begin.

Contents of bunk bed box.

Tue Aug 6: Cement Pad Forms and Bunk Bed Assembly

Jim F. arrives to join the team. They start outlining the pad, removing the top soil so they can start to build the forms.

Jim F., Barbara and Linda clearning the space for the cement pad.

Linda, Jim F, Joel and Barbara removing sod.

The boxes containing the shed parts is opened and and organized.

Gravel for the first layer of the shed's cement pad.

Barbara, Linda and Jim F., distributing the gravel.

The bunk bed has been assembled and is being made up for it's first use!


Barbara and Linda built forms to make some "stepping stones".

Wed Aug 7: Okay Ready Mix, we are ready!

The forms were in place and we were ready for Lincoln City Ready Mix  They came before noon with 2 yards of concrete.


Lincoln City Ready Mix arrives with the concrete.



Linda shoveled the excess cement onto black plastic.  It was later used to back fill around the new pad.

More photos of the poured concrete pad.

Fri Aug 9: We have a "Casita"!

This was the day we began putting the shed puzzle pieces together.

Joel, Terry and Tom working on the door sections.

All morning we worked on all of the sections ... putting the transom together, the trusses, metal supports for the walls and things like that.

Finally, by noon, we were ready to start "making" a shed!

Terry, Tom and Joel ... placing the wall panels. The only window was going to point East toward the uphill neighbor and Tom made the team swap it with a blank panel on the side facing the house.

Time to set in the doors.

More assembly has taken place.

Terry has the second truss for installation.

Finished. Some mysterious parts left over. We will find a place to install them tomorrow.


Barbara painted on the unpainted wood where some repair work has taken place. More painting is needed.

Linda took all of the bulky bedding to the laundromat where it was laundered.

Tue Aug 13: The beach house project is winding down!

After the shed was built, a number of small tasks were worked on.

The shed from the south side

Jim F bolting down the shed with concrete wedge anchors into holes he just drilled.

He sawed an expansion joint into the concrete

Tom installed a ceiling light in the "chapel" bedroom. (The old room light, which was attached the wall, was removed.)

New ceiling light

Our old dining room table needed a face life.

The dining table was stripped and sanded, and stained. Here Elaine is applying about the third coating of varathane.

This table had once belonged to our grandma Daniels

Joel pressure washed the deck which made a big difference as you can see.

We sprayed a frosting on the glass of the electronic cabinet to hide the wires. This will still allow the remote control signals to get through.

Terry worked on installing a grab/towel bar in the half bath.

Then he mounted the hand towel holder near the sink.

This battery operated, LED motion detector light was mounted on the outside wall near the back patio door.

Terry and Tom took a drive on Sunday to Depoe Bay. This is the bridge from the boat harbor on the east side of the highway.

Completed tasks
Poured concrete pad, assembled 8.0' x 7.5' Costco shed
Excavated area, built forms, gravel fill, ordered concrete
Enlarged the pad area in from of the shed doors
Cut an expansion joint
Bolted the shed down with concrete anchors
Built forms for 5 stepping stones to be used near kitchen steps
Stripped and refinished dining table
Bulb base adapter/chandelier bulbs in dining room light
Power washed entire deck
Wired ceiling light in chapel bedroom to the wall switch
Removed "switch" from South wall outlet (power always)
New light in bath closet
Assembled twin over full bunk bed for chapel bedroom
New duvet, duvet cover, twin mattress, mattress covers
New reading lights for twin and full bed
New duvet cover for SE bedroom 
Sprayed electronic cabinet glass doors with frosting
Washed all bedding/blankets
Swapped outlet in bathroom with USB outlet
Partial painting of raw wood under eaves (volunteers needed)
Hauled 2 loads to dump and another load to the valley
Entertained 2 groups of people for lunch
Raised track lighting in kitchen to reduce glare
Cleared out underneath all beds (suitcases now fit under bed)
Bought tubs and plastic containers for storage
Organized tools, painting supplies, electrical, plumbing, nails/fasteners
Bought large tub for beach toys
Discarded old BBQs - looking at a replacement with standard tank
Fill gouged area in floor of SW bedroom
Installed a grab bar/towel bar in half bath plus a hand towel holder
Installed new battery motion light back deck