September - November 2019


Look away! When I returend from Oregon in the middle of August, I came down with shingles on the right side of my forehead and scalp.  It affected my eye, too.  I had not gotten the latest round of shingle vaccinations.



My Oregon friends Don and Danny came for a quick visit in September.  It was great seeing them.

They have a fancy Lexus sports car and I'm jealous!


Friend Ruth came for a visit the beginning of October.

We had lunch in Los Gatos with Ruth's cousin Stan and his wife.


Workforce Park above the East Bay Transit Center.

An amphitheater at Workforce Park

Water feature at Workforce Park


On Another day, Ruth and I had dinner with Ron and Hiro at Belotti Restaurant on College Avenue.

Hiro and Ruth

Tom and Ron



Randy and Bob remodelled their hall bathroom.  Here are some photos of that project.



Randy and Bob began renovating their master bathroom.  More photos

Sister Barbara got into the rennovation mode and has torn her master bathroom apart.  All new fixtures, toilet, cabinet, sink, etc.


Wall hung toilet to go here




Niece Beth came into town.  We had lunch at Zut Tavern on Fourth Street in Berkeley.

Marcus and Bae flew to Long Island, NY to help celebrate her brother's 100th birthday.  Here is Bae with her daughter Perrin.


Tom and Jon went to the Burning Man Art exhibit at the Oakland Museum.  Here are a few photos of that.

The following are 2 movie clips of this illuminated, kinetic piece of art:




Charles left for a few weeks in Australia. 

At the Sydney Botanical Gardens

At the same time, Richard and Kim left for a trip to Australia.

Kim in Melbourne.


Richard in Sydney

Kim at the Sydney Opera House

Richard and Kim inside the Sydney Opera House

In Sydney with friend Kim and her family.