---- Oregon -- July 2022

Sat July 2, 2022: Tom and Terry Fly to Oregon

I flew from Oakland into Portland and arrived about 1.5 hours before Terry who was coming from Palm Springs.  I was able to dash to the nearby IKEA and pick up a couple of things that were not in stock at the IKEA in Emeryville.

Graduation Party at Philip and Barbara's

My nephew Philip and his wife Barbara hosted a graduaton party for their son Andrew (University of Washington) and daughter Marina (University of Oregon) who graduated within days of each other, recently. 

Grand nieces Helen and Marina prepping in the kitchen.

Helen and her cousin Andra constructing the pizzas.

L-R: Philip, Terry, Helen, Andra

Ready for the oven


In the wood-fired pizza oven

Ready to be eaten

L-R: Cousin Linda, Tom Marina and Joel.  Marina is holding the cheezy bread dish that Helen had made.

Linda and Tom with vegetarian pizza!

There must have been 50 or more people. Many were playing games in a grassy place to the left.


Recent graduate Andrew and his girlfriend Rachael.    Rachael's brother Lucas was there as he was riding/driving with her for a visit with their family in Morgan Hill.  Lucas and his wife live near Kaiser Hospital in Oakland.


Mon July 4, 2022: Picnic in the Woods

We gathered at the park Jim has created in the woods at Mother's old place.  "We" consisted of siblings, other relatives, friends, in-laws, school classmates, etc. 

Mother's place in is the process of being sold [to Jim].  It consists of the house we grew up in, about 20 acres of farm land and a 5 acre wooded part through which Bear Creek flows.  Jim has been clearing and grooming it into a pretty park-like space. 

Joel, Anitra, Tom and Mark

We had tons of food:  potato salads, macaroni salads, green salads along with huge platter of grilled asparagus that Jim had grown.  On the barbeque, Jim grilled marinated ribs and some Impossible Burgers and sausages. 

For dessert:  Key line Pie, brownies, home made ice cream, peach/apple pie, lemon bars, and so on.

Mark, Dan and Kim

Master BBQ griller Jim, and Rick.

Elaine (Jim in the back), Joel and Anitra

Ginger, Anitra, Levonne, Glenda and Elaine

Rick, Joel and Kim

Terry, Dan and Mark

Tues July 5, 2022: Lunch at Pacific City

Today we drove on highway 101 north of Lincoln City about 30 minutes to an old fishing village called Pacific City.  In past years, fishermen would push their dory boats across the sand and into the surf to start their fishing trips.

Surfer's cars parked at the edge of the sand at Cape Kiwanda at Pacific City

Cape Kiwanda State Natural Area in the distance.

Tom, Terry, Joel and Elaine.  There were quite a few surfers in wetsuits in the water behind us.

We ate lunch at the Pelican Brewing Company.  Outside dining was in the tented structure in the background.


Terry, Elaine, Tom and Joel. Fish and Chips.

Wed July 6, 2022: Visit From Mark

Today friend Mark drove over from Portland to visit.  We sat and talked before driving down the coast a little ways to this restauran for luncht. Terry and I had been here several years ago, at Richard's recommendation. 

Mark drove over from the Willamette Valley in his black, Thunderbird Convertible.

We had a little wait at the Tidal Raves Restaurant. The food was sooooo good.

Joel, Elaine, Tom, Terry and Mark at Tidal Raves Restaurant in Depoe Bay


Thursday July 7, 2022: Cousin Nancy in Oceanside

After a clam chowder lunch, we drove an hour north, up the coast to Oceanside, Oregon.  This is a seaside village close to Tillamook.  Our first cousin Nancy has a beach house there with her husband Marvin.

Joel made clam chowder using clams from a recent dig. Yummy.

Joel, Tom, Nancy and Terry on the deck of Nancy's beach house house.

Looking south: Netarts Bay

The rest of Oceanside, below

We saw hangliders. This one (blue) was landing on the beach.

Nancy, Marvin, Terry, Elaine and Joel

Marvin showed us our Uncle Steven's Silverado pickup that he restored.  The license plate has Steven's initials "SJE".