---- Thanksgiving/Christmas -- 2022

November 2022:  Visit to Palm Springs for Pride.  Saying at Greg's

Greg and I attend a play called "Choir Boy" at the Pearl McManus Theater at the Palm Springs Woman’s Club.  It was quite good

The Marilyn statue has returned to a place of honor.

Randy, Greg and me at a local restaurant.

Covid came to our home. Greg tested positive while I kept testing negative??? Mystery.

Thanksgiving 2022 visit from Joel, Elaine and B arbara

This was a project to may pupusas.  We used masa dough into which we stuffed a cheese mixture and flatten them out.  Very delicious.

Cheese stuffing is rolled into small ball.

The ball of dough with the filling is flattened using a zip lock bag marked with the desired diameter.

The pupusa is lightly fried until brown marks appear.

Curtido, a Salvadoran cabbage slaw served alongside.


On another day, we drove to Concord Costco and on the way home we stopped at a favorite restaurant called Mercado del Sol.  Big portions.


We hosted a little Thanksgiving get-together at my house.

Barbara, Elaine and Charles.


On another day we drove to the Kerwin Gallery in Burlingame.

On another day we stopped at Marcus and Bae's in El Cerrito.

Marcus donated a chain saw to the Smyrna On-Line Bazaar.

Joel, Elaine, Marcus and Bae outside of their house in El Ceritto.


We met at Mersea Restaurant on Treasure Island for lunch. TomO came over from Richmond.


Opening of the new metro line in San Franciso

Charles and I drove over to San Francisco so we could ride the new subway line that goes into Chinatown.

The Chinatown station for the subway line.


Merry Christmas

I was invited to Steve and Tim's home in Rossmoor for a Christmas get together.

Christmas Eve Sunset from my bedroom window

Christine, Lisa, Steve, Tim

Charles and David

John, Jon, Tom, Charles and David

Christine, Lisa, Steve, John, Jon and Tom

John, Jon and Tom


Cat sitting for my neighbors Abby and Chris.  Their cats are named Chanelle Princess and Loco Blackman.


Andreas sent a Christmas photo of his children: Linus, Jonas and Emily.