---- Palm Springs, May-June 2022

Tues May 24, 2022: Tom Flies to Palm Spring

I made a quick trip to Palm Springs to visit family and friends.  I stayed a short week with David and Renato [Rancho Mirage] before moving over to Greg's [Palm Springs.

My neighbor Lyell reminded me to take a staw hat!  I'm at the Oakland Airport witing to board.

Renato picked me up at the Palm Springs Airport and we drove to their home in Rancho Mirage. David was there to greet us.  David is recovering from surgery.

This is Renato's fancy Swiss coffee machine. It grinds the coffe and spits out expresso or Americano!! Good coffee!



Renato prepared a Spanish Tortilla when I was staying with them.  Instead of using potatoes, he used spaghetti-pasta. Later on Greg and I recreated the dish and these are pictures from that.


Boiling the pasta

Sauteeing onions and asparagus.

Eggs with a little milk and grated guyere cheese.

Serving the tortilla!

Greg's pool, inviting us to cool down!

Greg's family Zoom meeting. His sister is on the left, second one down.

Terry and Don's home was on the cover of the Modernism Week brochure

Fabulous lunch at Terry and Don's


Cousin Laurie and Terry moved to Rancho Mirage a year ago. On Friday, we met at El Mirasol (north) for lunch. L-R: Randy, Dave G., Laurie, Tom, Terri, Terry and Greg.



On Saturday Randy and I went to the White Water Reserve which is about 20 miles from Palm Springs, in the North end and towards the mountains to the north.

Randy and Tom in front of old fish ponds.

Hiking on a path that led to the Pacific Crest Trail. Later on we realized we had been hiking on that trail for a bit.

Randy and Tom at the sign post for the Pacifc Crest Trail (and other places)


On Tuesday, greg and I drove over to visit Randy and Bob in Redlands.  Here are some photos I took of their big remodelling project. What stood out to me was the new kitchen island, the beautiful "marble"tile floors and raising up of the sunken living room to the level of the rest of the house. 

The "panorama" photo are a little distorted, but you get the idea.


Rand and Greg


Randy and Greg for lunch at Oscar's Mexican Restaurant. I've been to Oscars severals times in the past but since the last time, they have moved to a new location.

Tues June 20, 2022: Visitors from Germany

I got a message from Michael in Germany, that his cousin Tobias and girlfiend Isabel would like some assistance in a California visit.  They were in Vancouver, Canada where the weather had been cold and rainy.  Maybe they would find warmer weather here.

Breakfast at the Montclair Egg Shop near my house.

Tobias, Isabel, Tom at the Montclair Egg Shop.

Isabel and Tobi ... time to say goodbye.

Charles, Gloria and Jon ... a quick trip to Stockton for a visit and good food.