---- Palm Springs 2023

Surprise Winter Storm, Feb 2023 in Lincoln City

Lincoln City suffered a record cold/snowy winter storm in February.  A deep blanket of snow lay on the ground for almost a week.  During this stormy time, the big pine tree that borders our property and the home above fell over.

Thanks to quick chain saw work, the tree was cut up and removed.  These photos record that event.





Feb/Mar 2023:  Vacation in Palm Springs

Mid February and March, I rented a condo in Palm Springs (Cathedral City).  Joel and Elaine flew to Oakland and together we made that car trip.

On one of these days, Joel and Elaine's granddaughter Helen and her husband Matthew flew into Palm Springs yesterday.  They were staying in Indian Wells.  They drove over to visit since we were all down there.  Terry and Don hosted us for lunch.

The first days of this stay were wet and cold.  This was of the nicest days in Palm Springs.  Sunny and warm.

I dont know why I got the biggest plate!  Front/center.  L-R Joel, Don, Elaine, Terry, Matthew and Helen

Max is waiting for some tidbits under the table. L-R Elaine, Terry, Matthew, Helen and Tom

It is fun to visit with my grand niece Helen and nephew Matthew.

He hears his masters voice!  Terry and max

This is a panorama made by sitching 3 photos together.  L-R Helen, Matthew, Dan, Elaine, Joel and Terry

This is a panorama using the feature on my phone.  A little distortion I'd say.