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2023 Apr-May

Richard, Greg and I flew back to New York City.  For a marathon viewing of this year's new plays.  Click here to see what we saw and read what we said. Click here

Feb 2023

Winter 2022 - Cold with record rain. Click here to see some photos of what I was up to.

Winter 2022

2022 Nov-Dec

Thanksgiving and Christmas 2022 - Check out these photos ...   Nov Dec 2022

2022 Aug

August 2022 - Things happening when I returned to Oakland. Click here to see some photos

Oakland 2022

2022 July

On July 2, 2022 - Terry and I flew to Portland Click here to see some photos of this trip

Oregon July 2022

2022 May-Jun

On May 24, 2022 - I took a trip down south to the Palm Springs area  Click here to see what I saw and did.

Palm Springs May 2022

2022 Apr-May

On April 26, 2022 - Greg, Richard and I flew separately to New York City to see a week's worth of Broadway plays.  Click here to see what we saw and did.

NYC and Broadway 2022

2021 Sep

September 23 - 26 - Joel, Terry, Richard and Kim met me at Salt Lake City for a "Daniels" Historical Tour of the corner of Utah and Wyoming where our great-grandfather lived.

Trip to Utah Wyoming in September

2021 Mar-Apr

March 25 - April 13, 2021: I flew to Oregon to visit family.  From their drove to Discovery Bay in Washington state, then a trip to the beach.

Oregon - Early Spring

2021 Jan

January 2021: Visit from Richard and Jim. Vaccination started.

Here are some photos

2020 Sep

September 28- October 15, 2020: Joel and Elaine drive down for a visit. Here's some photos of things that are going on around here this Fall.

Things going on this Fall

2020 Aug

August 14,-17, 2020: Richard and Kim drive down to make pickles

Pickles, pickles, pickles

After pickle making, Richard and Kim go on a road trip into Nevada and Idaho

2020 Jul

July 15-29 2020 - Drove to PS to visit family and friends

2020 May

May 25 - June 15 2020 - Drove to Oregon to visit family

2020 Feb

February 2020 - Family Visits to Seattle

Drove to Seattle to visit family and see the sights

2019 Sep - Nov

September - November 2019 - Fall Visitors

These are some things I was up to!

2019 Aug

August 2019 - Another Beach House Project.

We built a shed, and other things

2019 Jul

July 2019 - A month in Europe: Iceland, UK, Norway.

Our blog with photos of Europe 2019

2019 Apr

April 2019 - 9th year of Broadway Plays.

Our blog with photos and reviews of plays

2019 Mar

March 2019 - Off to Key West for a week.

Some photos from Key West

2019 Feb

February 2019 - We remodel the Beach House Kitchen

2019 BH Kitchen Remodel

2018 Sep and Oct

September/October 2018 - We are off to Germany, Schwitzerland and Austria   ... with brief stopovers in Luxomberg, France and Lichtenstein.  Click on this link to see our adventures.

Europe 2018


2018 Apr

April-May 2018 - My 8th Broadway Trip - with Greg and Richard

2018 NYC Broadway


2018 Feb

February 2018 - Here we go again. Tom, Joel and Elaine are off to Morocco

The Road to Morocco


2017 Aug

August - 2017

I drove to Oregon for family reunions and to watch the total solar eclipse! To see some eclipse photos click here. For pictures from the Eyman Reunion click here.


2017 Jun

June/July 2017 - Roots:  Search for Daniels Ancestors in Great Britain

Click here to read about my trip with Terry and Joel and Elaine


2017 Apr

April/May 2017 - 7th Annual Broadway Trip

Click here to read about my trip with Greg to NYC


2017 Mar

March/April 2017 - Hawaii and Tahiti

Click here for my trip to the South Pacific


2016 Nov

November 2016 - Palm Springs and Oceanside

Rick and Levonne invited Joel, Elaine and me to join them for a week in Oceanside. We drove down a couple of days early to stay in the Palm Springs area and visit Terry. You can see our trip report here.

2016 Jul

July/August 2016 - Beach House and Family Reunions

Terry arrived on Sunday July 31 and the next day we drove to the beach house. Read about this and subsequent family reunions.


2016 Jul

July 2016 - Rogue River White Water Rafting Trip

On July 18 I flew to Oregon to join nine family members and friends for a white water rafting trip down the Rogue River. Click here to read and see it.


2016 Apr

April 2016 - Another Broadway Show Trip

Greg, Ken and I returned to NYC to see a set of Broadway shows.  Click here to read about it and see photos.


2016 Mar

March 2016 - Kitchen Remodel Complete

I signed a contract to have my kitchen remodeled to Steve's design at the end of 2015 and work began in the middle of December.  You can read about it and see photos HERE.


2016 Feb

February 2016 - The Heart of India

Joel, Elaine and I are off on another adventure ... this time to India. Please click here to see details.


2015 Sep

September 7, 2015 - Roberta Daniels: 1913 - 2015

Mother's long life ended on Labor Day with her whole family at her side. Click here for her obituary.


2015 Aug

August 16-27, 2015 - Road Trip to Southwest US!

Ken and I flew to Palm Springs. After an overnight stay there we set out in Greg's new Acura motor car to drive to Arizona and New Mexico. We stayed a week in Santa Fe. Click here to read details of the trip and see photos.


2015 Jun

June 16-30, 2015 - Let's fly to Boston!

Keep up with the Daniels and I join Joel and Elaine for a trip to Boston and the New England states.


2015 Apr

April 24-28 2015 - Quick trip to Oregon!

After one day at home (from NYC) I flew to Oregon to attend some reunions and other things.  Click here to read about and see photos from this trip.


2015 Apr

April 14-22, 2015 - Return to Broadway!

Ken, Greg and I went back to New York City to see a batch of new plays. This time of the year is just before the Tony nominations are announced so there are new shows aplenty. Click here to read about this trip.


2015 Dec

December 14, 2014 - Cousin Roger dies unexpectedly

Click here to read more about Roger and see a few photos from the memorial and from over the years.


2014 Dec

Winter 2014 - Santa Paula Wedding

I flew to Los Angeles on December 20th and met up with John and Jill and their family to drive northward to attend their oldest grandson's wedding.  Click here to see some photos of that event.


2014 Sep

Fall 2014 - Western Australia (Spring!)

Click here to follow me as I explore Perth and the coastline 1,300 miles north (to Broome). Brother Joel and Elaine, cousin Levonne and Rick and I drive from Broome to Perth.


2014 Aug

Spring-Summer 2014 - Bathroom project at the Oregon beach house

Click here to see more information about my trips to Oregon this year.  We are remodelling and adding a half bathroom to the beach house and I'll be attending family reunions while I'm in the area.  In August, Terry and I flew up for the Yoder and Daniels reunions.  Then back to the beach house.


2014 Apr

April 2014 - Tom, Greg and Ken went to Broadway to see shows!

Click here to see details and photos of this glam trip.

2013 Oct

October/November 2013 - Tom is off to ASIA

Tom is off to Asia again ... with TomO and Ron. Click here to see photos and details of their trip!


2013 Sep

September 14, 2013 - Roberta's big birthday

Roberta celebrated her centenary year on Saturday, September 24, 2013 Here are photos and details of this wonderful event.

2013 Apr

April 2013 - in New York City

Greg joined me for a week trip to NYC ro see as many shows as we could fit in Here are some more details of this trip.

2013 Mar

Mar 2013 - Kialua-Kona, Hawaii

Joel and Elaine invited me to to join them and their family for a week in Hawaii.  I arrived a week early, Joel and Elaine came 2 days later and the rest a week later.  Click here to see what we were up to

2013 Jan

Jan 2013 - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

David and Renato invited me to spend a week with them in Puerto Vallarta, MX.  Click here to read more about it and see some of the pictures we took

2012 Oct

Oct 2012 - Joel, Elaine and I are off again:  the Yoder Convention in Hickory, NC.

After flying to Charlotte, North Carolina, we drove east to the Outer Banks then south along the coast of the US into South Carolina and Georgia.  Read more about this trip here.

2012 Sep

Sept 14, 2012 - Roberta turns 99!

Terry and I flew up to Oregon for this celebrations.  See some photos taken at that time.  Here are some more photos taken on that trip.

2011 Nov

Joel, Elaine and I went on a safari

Our itinerary includes South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana.  Click here to read and see our adventures along the way

2011 Sep

On September 8, brother Terry and I flew to Oregon to celebrate our Mother's 98th birthday.

Click here to see pictures taken during this week's celebration.

2011 Aug

August 2011:  I drove to Oregon for a visit

Click here to read about some of the things I did.


2011 Jun

June 2011:  My brother Joel and his wife Elaine take their family on a cruise to Alaska.

Click here to read Joel's travel report.

2011 May

May 2011:  Randy arrives to nurse me through my cataract surgeries.  Bob came up for the Memorial Day Weekend.

In May, Randy drove up from Redlands to stay with me for the month.  Bob flew up to celebrate the Memorial Day Weekend with us.

Click here to see photos from these visits.

2011 Mar

March/April 2011:  2 Weeks in on the East Coast

On March 25, Jon and I flew to JFK.  Charles met us at the airport.  We travelled to attend the memorial services for Charles and Henry's mother Jean who passed away in January.    Stafford arrived about a week later to get his NYC fix.

Click here to read more about this trip.

2011 Feb

February/March 2011:  3 Weeks in Oregon

I drove up to Oregon for Kate and Jamie's wedding (see next subject, below).  While there, I spent a week at Road's end.  Click here to see pictures of my trip.

2011 Feb

February 20, 2011:  Kate and Jamie get married!

On February 15, 2011, I drove to Oregon.  The main purpose was to attend my niece Kate's wedding, at Mt. Hood on Sunday, February 20, 2011.  Click here to see photos and some videos of the celebration.

2010 Sep

Europe:  September/October 2010

On September 9, 2010, I began a trip to Europe, starting in London.  Click here to read about it.

2010 Aug

San Benito, TX:  August, 2010

I flew to Harlingen, TX (via Houston) on August 12, 2010, to spend a little time with cousin Roger.

Read more details and see photos of this Texas Trip by clicking here.

2010 Jul

Redlands:  July, 2010

I drove to Redlands, CA on July 1st to spend the holiday with friends Randy and Bob. Here you will also find photos of Roger and Sandra in San Benito/Harlington, Texas.

Read more details and see photos of July happenings by clicking here.

2010 May

Boston:  May, 2010

On Tuesday, May 4, 2010, I flew to Boston.  Click here to see pictures and details of this great trip.

2010 Jan

Oregon:  January 1, 2010. 

I flew to Oregon to spend 2 weeks with my family. Click here to see some of the things we did.

2009 Oct

Asia:  October and November 2009

On October 1, 2009, I began a 7 week trip to the Far East.  Click here to see details.  (My brother Joel, his wife Elaine and other friends and relatives were also in Asia.  You can click here to read details of their trip to China.

2009 May

Boston - NYC - Washington D.C.

At the end of May, I flew back East with Joel and Elaine to tour some big cities back there ... via plane, train and car.  Click here to see details.

2008 Sep

Roberta's 95th birthday!

Click here to see photos taken at Roberta's 95th birthday which took place at Smyrna UCC, Yoder, Oregon on September 14, 2008.

2008 Apr

Angel's Camp - April 2008

Joined up with Joel, Elaine, Rick, Levonne and Laura Lee for a trip to Angel's Camp, California. Click here for photos.

2008 Feb

Australia and New Zealand - Feb/Mar 2008


In February and March, 2008, I join a group of family and friends on a trip to Australia and New Zealand.  You can read about what we saw and see photos by clicking here. 


Older News: 

Click here to see stuff prior to the year 2008.